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Mason B. Scott, Ph.D.—President/Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of Keystone Neuro-Rehab, Inc., Dr. Scott has dedicated over 36 years of his professional career to the field of brain injury rehabilitation. As CEO of Keystone Neuro- Rehab, Inc. he directs operations in addition to providing ongoing clinical consultation. He believes in working collaboratively with his management team and has, with their help, developed and implemented a long-term strategic plan to provide high quality rehabilitation programming to consumers in community settings. As a believer in his consumers’ abilities to live productive lives in a community setting, he has been instrumental in the development and operation of several community based rehabilitation programs.

Cheryl Rafferty—Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Rafferty has worked in the field of brain injury rehabilitation for 24 years, with Keystone Neuro-Rehab, Inc. and its predecessor TBI Neuro Rehabilitation. As Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Rafferty is responsible for directing short and long term planning, develops and manages budgets to support strategic business goals, and oversees the day-to-day operating activities including Human Resources, and cost control. She also works with staff managing risk reduction and performance improvement. Ms. Rafferty holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Individual and Family Studies.

Jennifer Woods—Chief Compliance Officer

As Chief Compliance Officer, Ms. Woods led the program-wide effort that culminated in a three year CARF accreditation in June 2014. Subsequently, she is responsible for managing the ongoing program compliance to CARF standards. In addition, Ms. Woods provides clinical consultation to direct care staff and develops and monitors behavioral intervention programming. Ms. Woods holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Services as well as a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling with an emphasis in neuropsychology.

Marissa Wiley—Human Resources Manager

As Human Resources Manager, Ms. Wiley is responsible for the recruitment and retention of program staff. She has broad expertise in human resource department design, benefit negotiations, risk reduction, performance management. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management.

Scott Hixson—Residential Program Manager

Mr. Hixson has worked in the field of brain injury rehabilitation for 24 years, nineteen of which are at Keystone Neuro-Rehab, Inc. He oversees all aspects of the residential program operations. Mr. Hixson is responsible for supervising the assistant residential program manager, program coordinators, and direct care staff. He works collaboratively with Human Resources in the hiring process, and participates in evaluating consumers during the admissions process. Mr. Hixson is a certified CPR instructor and a Medication Administration Trainer (DPW). He is also a certified Crisis Prevention and Intervention instructor.

Barbara Fisher—Consumer Care Coordinator

Responsible for facilitating, attending, and updating all consumer specific information relative to both quarterly and annual reporting, Ms. Fisher also monitors and updates the portable patient profiles. She is responsible for addressing and resolving all consumer concerns. Barbara assists the program development staff in the introduction of new program modules. She and the residential program manager assist with consumer and discharge planning, and provide case management services for consumers. Ms. Fisher also acts as a liaison between medical providers and others. She has been a member of the Keystone Neuro-Rehab team for eight years and previously worked as the Day Program Manager. Ms. Fisher holds an Associate Science degree in Occupational Therapy.

Heather Martin—Assistant Residential Program Manager

Ms. Martin is responsible for training and direct supervision of the house manager and direct care staff. She is responsible for most of the day-to-day operational aspects of residential programming. Ms. Martin provides case management services on an as-needed basis and is responsible for the implementation of consumer rehabilitation plans and ensures plan conformity. A human services professional for 14 years, Ms. Martin has worked in both direct care and management at Keystone Neuro-Rehab, Inc. for the past 10 years.

Bay Dublin-Samb—Program Coordinator

As program coordinator for the Harrisburg site, Ms. Dublin-Samb is responsible for managing all aspects of the residential program sites. She provides direct supervision to both the house managers and assists the day program manager with daily operations. Ms. Dublin-Samb has worked for 11 years in the human service area and has been with Keystone Neuro-Rehab, Inc. for three years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in human services and family studies. In addition, Ms. Dublin-Samb holds certifications in a number of areas including family strength based case manager, CPI, conflict resolution, CPR/First Aid and office administration.

Valerie Wallace—Day Program Manager

Ms. Wallace has worked in the human services field for 16 years and has been with Keystone Neuro-Rehab, Inc. for six years. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of both the Jeannette and Harrisburg day programs. She develops, reviews, and monitors all program goals. She works with program leaders and direct care staff to develop day program activities and outings. Ms. Wallace has previously worked as a home-based direct service staff, day program support staff, house manager, and day program leader. She holds multiple certifications including medication administration, and practicum observer.

Lily Zimmerman—Training Coordinator

As training coordinator, Ms. Zimmerman is responsible for the development of training materials, maintenance of training records, and orientation and training of all new staff. She is responsible for ensuring compliance to all training requirements. Zimmerman is credentialed as a Medication Administration trainer (DPW), a CPR/First Aid Instructor, and a Certified Crisis Prevention and Intervention Instructor. Ms. Zimmerman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and creative writing.

Judy Lochner—Occupational Therapist

Ms. Lochner has worked in the field of occupational therapy for 35 years with seven years of experience with both Keystone Neuro Rehab Inc., and its predecessor, TBI Neuro-Rehab. She has a strong background working with consumers with neurologic impairment. She currently works with both day program and residential staff in the development of both program content and program models. She works with consumers to develop additional programming goals, and works with staff to develop corresponding treatment strategies and activities. Ms. Lochner has presented on the topic of traumatic brain injury at national conferences and has also published at a national level. Ms. Lochner holds a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational therapy and is national board certified and licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in occupational therapy.

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