Clinical Services and Therapies

Clinical Services and Therapies

Providing the best services possible is important to Keystone Neuro Rehab, Inc. We offer a variety of traumatic brain injury rehab options for perspective consumers tailored to meet individual needs.

Keystone Neuro-Rehab works closely with community providers to coordinate a variety of therapies including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech/language therapy
  • Psychological Counseling

Each of these therapy sessions are provided up to two times per week. The frequency of therapy is generally determined by clinician recommendation and consumer funding guidelines.

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Programming and Routine Are Essential

All recovery plans include structure and routine. At Keystone Neuro-Rehab, Inc., we strive to provide both. On some occasions therapists come to the consumer’s residence to provide therapy within the residential setting. Program staff also transports consumers to appointments when necessary.

Our Day Programs offer both stability and structure, and often enhance treatments that are offered by the community providers we coordinate with. Therapists commonly give our consumers “assignments” and staff helps the consumer work on these tasks between appointments.

This attention allows consumers to participate in therapeutic activities outside of the therapy setting and provides an opportunity to work more frequently on goals.

Psychotherapy and Behavior Management

Psychotherapy, like other therapies, is provided by community based therapists and is often administered in the therapist’s office. Our staff provides transport as needed, and works on consumer goals between sessions. Psychotherapy is generally scheduled in a range from once a week to once a month depending on consumer need.

For those consumers whose needs include behavioral goals, individual behavior plans are developed and implemented by direct care staff. Emphasis is placed on the development of new, adaptive behaviors that replace problem behaviors. All direct care staff are trained in behavior programming and data collection.

Our approach is to simply and consistently mold a substitute behavior to replace the problematic behavior. This process is highly individualized to each consumer and staff is trained with each consumer in order to reinforce the behavior plan process. This type of program provides a safer environment for each consumer as well as a better quality of life and functional daily life.

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