Admission Criteria & Projections

Admission Criteria and Protections

Brain_Injury CareWhen a consumer is referred for admission to Keystone Neuro-Rehab, Inc., a variety of admission criteria are considered to determine appropriateness for admission to day and residential programs.

These criteria take into consideration regulatory, clinical, and programming parameters. The admission process is a highly individualized endeavor, but the following general criteria are considered when making an admission determination.

Regulatory Criteria—Medicaid Waver Programs Only (Commcare)

  • The consumer must be 18 years of age.
  • The consumer must be a resident of Pennsylvania.
  • The consumer must be found nursing facility clinically eligible (NFCE) using the MA-51 medical evaluation form completed by physician evaluation.
  • The consumer must meet specific financial eligibility criteria.

Regulatory Criteria – All Other Funding Sources

  • The consumer must be 18 years of age.

Clinical Criteria

  • The consumer must have a history of an acquired brain injury.
  • The consumer must demonstrate a level of impairment sufficiently severe so as to qualify for nursing facility clinical eligibility (NFCE).
  • The consumer must have a normal level of arousal.
  • The consumer must be able to make meaningful verbal or motor responses.
  • The consumer should not require more than 1:1 assistance in regard to ambulation and transfers.
  • Behavioral problems, should be manageable in behavior management programming.
  • While the consumer may demonstrate psychiatric symptoms, these psychiatric symptoms should not include suicide ideation, homicidal ideation, active hallucinations and delusions or symptoms that are non-responsive to medication and/or behavioral programming.
  • Consumers must be medically stable and should not demonstrate any medical need that would require routine nursing care.
  • Any medical, psychiatric or behavioral conditions or any treatments should not be of sufficient severity as to prevent the consumer from participating in the day program services.
  • The consumer must have the capacity to participate in and benefit from Day Programming and Residential Programming given 1:1 to 1:6 levels of supervision.

To review complete information about admissions, please download our Admissions Criteria PDF.

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